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The most challenging task with every project to understand the customer’s business perspective, strategy and find a solution which serve all these aspects. I did apply User Experience web design approaches. Where I came out with a great clean, obvious, responsive web design


User Testing & Feedback Session

Every project is a new challenge. We make sure that our ideas are tested before we release the website. We hire a small group of people to test the function before release and based on the feedback we then redesign the site to improve customer experience.


Brainstorming & Meetings

Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.


Completed task

Key to bring this project to life was establishing a strong brand identity that could live across all platform. The brand required a very clean user friendly website.

The Brief

We started with a Research & Discovery phase. The brief of the project was to build a website what will deliver high end customer experience. Clean, polished and very easy to navigate and helps the visitors to get in touch with the brand. We started to brainstorm his project together back in the time 2018. The website key responsibility was mobile friendly and outstanding also comparative with the biggest names on industry like ASOS.

business perspective

The process

I did deliver a demo version of the website. The customer got a preview about interface design approach. After his feedback about the first drafts and demo version we held an another conversation of the further steps I suggested examples from the latest design trends and solutions. After this phase we did turn back again to competitors and how the larger players in the industry sell and present their experiences. Once this had given us a good understanding of how to best proceed, design visuals were completed for each page type.

Key purposes

The result

The end product was deliver 100% customer satisfaction. We got great feedback after testing phase. The site is clean mobile friendly and very easy to navigate for customers. The website speed was optimised well in order to generate more sales by avoiding losing potential customers by wrong site speed optimisation (public network issues).

Best solutions

Client Feedback

Real refences prooven by highest customer experience!

Khabul Islam

CEO, Up'n'Coming

Levi is top professional freelance web designer in east London who takes ultimate pride in his work, he’s such a hard worker and responds to feedback instantly by making changes. I gave him a very brief description of my brand and the theme of my brand, using this he was able to get his creative juices flowing and produced an amazing website for us. Very pleased with his services and definitely recommend him! 


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