How much does a website cost in UK? (Updated for 2023 - 2024)

The Definitive Guide

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If you are curious about the web design prices in the UK, then this is the guide for you.

I made it my mission to research the exact prices that web design agencies, freelance web designers, website builders offer within this marketplace.

That’s why I bring it to you the best comprehensive guide to website prices in the UK.

The best part?

If you read this, then you’re never going to have the question again where you can find the best deals in the market. (in 2019)

Let’s get started!

The Definitive Guide

Web Design Prices in UK: Table Of Content

Chapter one

Free Drag And Drop Website Builders

how much does a web designer cost

First option: Build your own website (DIY Websites)

What? Wait a minute. Did you just said I can build my own website?

Yes! You can, let me explain!

Nowadays there is a few great platforms where you don’t need to have a degree or to be a techie to build your own website. You don’t need to read tons of book and waste your years at university only thing you have to do to follow some free tutorials.

The best website builders you can choose : 





These are the most advertised and referred on the market.

how much does a website hosting cost

These page builders are very popular, definitely you saw a tons of adverts all over the Youtube or any other social network. Why they are so famous? Mostly they pay for people to promote their service. Usually with famous people.

And who else don’t want to have a website what you can do by yourself and your favourite popstar have also?

The steps are very easy.

Step One: Choose a domain name to your website if you want custom domain name you have to pay for it also must have subscription.

Step Two: Next you are going to choose a designed template (Which maybe 500 another people use.)

Step three: Add your content, pictures and customise how you just would like to look like.

If this is all sounds great, then let me talk about what’s wrong with these “free” website builders.

Here is the most popular ones:


Wix have a massive amount of user base. Million user worldwide, across 190 countries. Wix roughly adding daily 45.000 customer.

They offering 500+ free designed website templates to choose from, they also categorise by different segments like fashion and beauty, restaurant and food etc.

Wix on a freemium model could be used completely free of charge although there is a paid subscription which allows you to get further benefits.

Although Wix is a great option to build a freemium website still don’t forget isn’t enough to have an attractive website which not equal with great traffic and sales. In order to gain customers, visitors, audience you must incorporate great strategy like SEO (search engine optimisation)

This is the only one way to be visible on a great position at the biggest search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

website design cost uk

Squarespace is offering the best templates compared to her drag and drop website builders. Over 100+ templates you can choose from, also there is option to import tools, which allows you to transfer content from other platforms.

These tools are well know also much used from third parties such as Google Apps and Mailchimp. Squarespace also give opportunity to create your own logo by their logo builder.

Squarespace have four packages: Personal, Business, Basic and Advanced. You need to enrol for the paid use to access this service, but you do have a 14 days trial.

The main problem with Squarespace they won’t fits with eCommerce (web shops ) websites also you will facing to different techy challenges like how to make your website mobile friendly (responsive web design). And you definitely want responsive web design researches shows more than 50% web users coming from mobile device.

Squarespace: 15£ – 45£ a month.

How much does a website cost in 2018? Here's the definitive guide

Shopify is one of the most popular for web shops. Ideal for small business owners who want to set up an online store. They are the leading online shop builder.

 Currently they run over 500.000 online shops. They also have a few templates mostly easy to use the page builder and it’s quiet famous.

Again this is not guarantee to run a successful online business. SEO, responsive design is just a few of crucial factors here.

Sfopify: 35£ to 350£ a month. (For eCommerce, web shops)

Let’s move out to the next option.


Webbly’s website builder is the easiest by far on this market. The tools are super friendly to beginners.

They have four options for premium offers: called Starter, Pro, Business and Performance.

Webbly using its sites advertises about the brand you’ll need to upgrade to starter plan in order to remove these ads.

They also got responsive options which is a great feature but you still have to make sure you build your website by UX design approaches. Also if you want to rank on google you must invest to SEO.

Let’s move out to the next option.

Website Builders Comparison Chart.

How much does a website cost in 2018? Here's the definitive guide

Why i don’t recommend these page builders?

Reason one: They don’t offer maintenance to your website.

Reason two: Just because you have a website that doesn’t mean it’s would be easy to find in Google or any other search engine. Why? Because you need SEO services to have traffic or make sales. You can have a website if no one will find it.

Reason three: Although this page builders are free you have to pay monthly 5£ – 40£ (depends from page builder) for website creation (Yearly roughly 480£)

Reason four: All pictures and content must be well optimised in order to attract and keep your visitors on your page which require a good amount of knowledge in designing and SEO (search engine optimisation)

Reason five: If you want to be discovered in Google first page keep in your mind without SEO is not possible.

Here we are five proven reason why drag and drop “free” page builders aren’t enough to have a profession, competitive, well optimised website.

Then let’s dig deeper.


Chapter Two

Custom made website solutions.

web design price list uk

From now you are more aware about the possible options you can do by yourself as a non-techie.

Who makes custom websites?

Agencies, freelance web designers (Like me).

Where can you find them?

Anywhere ads, social media, all other search engine like GoogleBingYahoo.

web design prices uk updated

Now you definitely ask yourself okay, but how should I know which one is suits for me?

Before we dig more down in to the options you have to clear up some questions on your head. (To be clear what you want to buy)

Type of the website you want to have: like a web shop, a blog website, a simple advertising website, portfolio website etc…

The number of functions of the website: why this is important? Because this will increase the price. (Social media sharing buttons, menus, image sliders, animations, number of designed pages etc.)

Do you want to have own access to edit your content: It’s called CMS (Content management system like WordPress) In case you want this also will increase the price. Why? Because you will do all edit by yourself (in case you know how to do) or other ways you have to pay extra fee for the developer or agency.

Now I’m going to show you the exact options you can choose.

Basic Websites

best freelance web designer london

Basic website mostly contains one to five page design (not bespoke) and with very few functionality (Like menu bars, social media icons)

These websites mostly lading pages. Basic websites is perfect is you want to represent your business services and enquires or if you are a blogger.

Always worth to check the current suppliers price table they offering responsive websites or not. (You definitely want mobile friendly website to your business.)

Let’s go ahead and review the options who can make Basic Website. (or any kind of website)

Web Design Agency

ecommerce website cost uk

Web design agency great options if you want a basic website. They offer prices by quote so it’s really easy to compare to other options. They usually don’t come up cheap.

Even if you though you just want a very basic website you can expect to pay between 450£ – 999£.

Don’t forget it’s a very basic options which definitely require further fee to improve if you are going to look serious.

Freelance Web Designer

ecommerce website cost uk

Hiring a freelance web designer is an another great option. Finding a great freelance web designer may take a bit longer, but you definitely can enjoy more personalised service. They are usually charge per hour 50£ – 150£.

Offshore Web Company


Offshore web companies is definitely the cheapest option 15£ – 20£ per hour.

They always wary of offers that sounds to good to be real.

Keep in your mind we still talking about Basic Websites.

They roughly charge upfront 200£ – 600£  and ongoing 5£ – 60£ monthly.

Small Business Websites

website maintenance cost uk

Small business website are perfect options if you want to update your basic website or own a website which have a bit more functionality than basic websites.

This functionality could be: social media integration, Google Analytics, content management system (CMS), responsive web design, Google maps, My Google Business and many more.

This packages usually contain responsive design (Mobile friendly) and a bit more designed page numbers.

When to choose this option?

If you run a startup business, you are a freelance, or a small organization.

This websites is more advanced

Prices is between 1499£ – 2499£

Who can design for you these websites?

A freelance web designer and developer, a web design agency.

Paying for a well structured, designed small business website is could be a great start for internet success.

After having a great website, I recommend to invest for marketing and SEO in order to keep your website fresh by great contents also engage your visitors. (great chance to force visitors to come back again and again)

eCommerce Websites


average cost of website design for small business

eCommerce websites is about shopping features for your customers.

The cost of an eCommerce website can be in a large scale. The prices is depends of the numbers items and the number  or varieties of each item and of course the numbers of featured functionality you want to add.

What you can expect from an eCommerce website by functionality?

Order management system, shopping basket features, login functionality, and possible live chat functions.

The prices between 1.999£ – 14.999£ regardless of your business size.

Who could make eCommerce website for you?

freelance web designer and developer, web design agency, page builders like shopify (shopify build by your own)

Bespoke Websites

average cost of website design for small business

Bespoke website is a great options for companies who think big, and would like to have a custom website with more visitors, higher number of functionality, and massive page content.

But be prepared!!! Many agency and freelance web designer just transform a pre made template they offering as a bespoke service but easy to spot them, by their portfolio and the days they offering the job would be done.

Make sure you choose the right freelance web designer or agency before you invest your money.

Price range between 2.999£ – 24.999£

Quotes from different Web Design Companies

In this part i’m going to show you my personal experience about getting price offers from different agencyes, freelancers.

I was write a mail with this text:


My name is Levi. I’m a freelance photographer and would like to have a website very soon.
I would like to ask a price offer.
Website required function: A Top menu bar, social media icons, 5 pages, nothing complicated just a nice clean design. Also i would like to have CMS with it if possible.
Looking forward to hear about your offer.
As you see i try to give them a description about my imagination in order to get a price offer. (Bit more than a basic website, we should call small business website.)
See the results:


web design prices uk
web design prices uk
web design prices uk

They was very kind with answer and fast. The offer was i exactly expected and i was write before.

Let’s move on to the last chapter.

Chapter Three

Ongoing costs

web design prices uk

What is ongoing cost?

Domain name is the unique address of your website (

Price is depending on how popular do you choose .co.cuk or .com it could be between 5£ – 100£ for a year.


Every website must be hosted on a web server. It’s means you “renting” a space on the internet.

Most price range 3£ – 299£ monthly.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest way of web hosting.

This mean you sharing your hosting platform with other sites but you also share the bandwidth with other sites, in other hand you fight for the server space with other sites.

Price range from 3.99£ – 11.99£

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

It’s a middle way to have a hosting between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

VPS is a physical server but separate multiple servers to its site. This is good way to avoid from shared hosting problems.

Price range from 9.99£ – 44.99£ monthly.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting means you have own server dedicated to hosting only your website. Website which are large and complex require high level of data protection this is really beneficial if you choose this option. Also great option for those websites which have huge montly traffic.

Price range from 63.99£ – 229£

Content by professional copywriters

Second aspect of visual design. This is a crucial factor for a website creation as biggest SEO professionals says “content is everything”

But of course you can write the content by yourself to save some money.

Most of the web design agency hire specific content writers which also boost the prices.

AGAIN: having a website with fresh well written content is a crucial factor to rank higher by Google, or appear in a better position in search results. (Oh yes, your website never will be done by 100% this is not that game)

You can expect 9.99£ – 55.99£/month.


Hiring a photographer in order to look professional in the market.

Price from 49.99£ – 199£

You can also buy stock pictures from websites like Shutterstock.

Prices from 0.99£ – 49.99£


SEO (search engine optimisation) in order to rank higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo. Why so important? Because everyone want to be on „Google first page” when someone looking for that content, service what you just relase, or sell.

Some web design company may offer SEO with their web design service. In case they don’t SEO agencyes do.

Prices from 99£ – 4.999£ monthly.

web design prices uk updated

Web Design prices in UK: Conclusion


For now you know everything about prices. Now time to make your own decision.

The purpose to stand out online face to biggest companies.

You should to be very honest to your self and make your own decision but before you do never forget these are just numbers, and we haven’t talk about quality what they offering for this prices.

Before you make any decision, please have a look to my price list and portfolio works. You can find anything here.


If you really curious some great content then here is a great video about 6 stages of the web design process. (highly recommend)

If you like my price guide please share with others in order to everyone who would like to have a website get the clearest vision about the current marketplace offers.


Sources / What Other Blogger says?

In case if you would like to read more about web design prices in uk I attach some very good articles, see what other people / bloggers say.

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